Trainings and Retreats

This occurs at the start of each academic session to further ingrain staff members in the DAUGHTERS OF DIVINE LOVE EDUCATION concepts and values for the education and formation of our students. The Principal and THE MANAGEMENT are in charge of planning the training/retreat. The retreat focuses on topics like the 21st Century Education and Divine Love's Qualities, The Profile of a Divine Love College Student, and The Vision, Mission, and Philosophy of the College.

Staff members of the College are in a strong position to assist the College in fulfilling its goal and bringing its vision to life because they are grounded in these principles and values.


The graduation retreat, as its name implies, is a retreat for proud members who are about to graduate from the College after completing their six years of study and formation. Students have the unique chance to examine themselves in respect to the profile of a DLC graduate at graduation: open to growth, academically competent, religious, caring, and devoted to justice. The retreat is a prerequisite for graduation.

Most of the time, when we go through transitions in life, we immediately go on to the next thing without pausing to consider what happened. Graduating students get the opportunity to reflect on their time at DLC and appreciate both the challenging times and wonderful experiences during Graduation Retreat.

The students can then determine which characteristics of the profile they completely embody and which they might use improvement in. A few days before graduation, a two-day retreat is held and led by college staff with assistance from certain alumni.

Why Have a Graduation Retreat?

Before graduating and becoming alumni of the college for the rest of their life, students get the opportunity to reflect on their six-year experience at the college during the graduation retreat. Thus, it:

  1. Assists students in making the transition from one stage of their lives to the next, which will likely involve academic pursuits both inside and outside the borders of Nigeria.
  2. Ensures that students graduate from the college prepared for the world outside.