From The Desk Of The Mother

Warm greetings from the city of Divine Love

We extend a sincere welcome to our website! A reliable source of information about Divine Love College. We, therefore, invite you to look through the data on our website about the college’s programs, culture, and philosophy. 

Divine Love College has provided an exceptional, all-around education for eight years and continues to serve as a role model for secondary schools in Nigeria. In order to shape its students, employees, and parents, Divine Love College continues to apply the greatest but most modern 21st century tactics, such as a search for excellence, critical thinking, focused rigour creative imagination, critical awareness, and care of the whole person.

The college keeps developing future leaders with strong critical thinking skills who thrive in study, character, spiritual growth, and service to others. In the best institutions where they study and work, our alumni continue to stand out in these fields.

Welcome to Divine Love College and to our website